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Weather Update


We know that we have it great here in the Bay Area! However, from time to time, micro-climates come through and wreak havoc on our programs.

All West would play rain or shine – however, the decision is made by our local Parks & Recs. If they choose to close a field then no matter how light or heavy we think the rain is, we’ll be forced to cancel the class.

Parks & Recs normally post-cancellation messages on their websites by 2 pm. Below is a list of current programs that are experiencing weather issues.

**Program Cancellations**

Monday, March 25, 2019

RAIN OUT – The weather today is a bit too rainy for the young lax lovers. Sorry to say, lacrosse classes are CANCELLED. Please stay tuned for further updates for the make-up date once we have confirmed.  All players/families have been emailed & texted through our registration system. Please ensure you are signed up for emails and text messages to get updates directly.

RAE All Day!