Training Programs

“This All West Winter Ball Program is great! We are so glad we signed up. Different Drills keep things lively. Learning our weaknesses so we can focus on fixing them. They keep it moving so no tomfoolery and have great control while giving each kid respect. I think these guys want to make each player great!”-East Bay Parent

“The Santa Cruz camp was top notch. And the venue, UC-Santa Cruz, was absolutely stunning. I appreciate the emphasis on respect, attitude, and effort (RAE). You have great coaches, who are tough on the kids, but treat them with respect, while having a lot of fun. But, it all starts with you, Matt. As you said down in Santa Cruz when I asked you about where you were staying, “it’s got my name on it.” Thank you for a great experience.”-All West Elite North Bay Parent

“I gotta tell you that you guys blow me away – your follow up, your helpfulness, the program, everything – seriously – thank you!”-North Bay Parent

“This was my rising 8th grade daughter’s first experience playing lacrosse and she loved it, to the point where she wants to participate in hopes of playing in high school.I was impressed with the coaches and the positive message sent each day at afternoon dismissal. This is the kind of atmosphere and people that I want my daughter to be surrounded in as she develops into a young adult.”- North Bay Parent

“I loved the way the coaches worked intimately and individually with all of the players. Attention was paid to one of my son’s because he was a bit ambivalent about the camp at first. There were amazing “personal” touches throughout the week that made him feel super comfortable and actually enjoy himself! Nothing like having guest speakers too- Coach Pressler and Seattle Seahawks Cooper Helmet were awesome!”- North Bay Parent

“Amazing second time experience for my son. Here we are 6 days later and he is still talking about it.My son has played Lacrosse for four years now but still comes home from camp with new things he learned. Thank you Coaches!”- South Bay Parent

“I CANNOT believe how much of a difference a 4-day camp can make!! My daughter went from catching the ball approximately 25 percent of the time to about 90 percent. I can also see a dramatic improvement in her posture, throwing accuracy and, most importantly, her confidence. She loved the camp and found it both challenging and fun, and came home exhausted, but excited to practice what she had learned.” –East Bay Parent

“All West was the perfect introduction to lacrosse for our son. He attended the Fall and Spring sessions. It was the perfect combination of skill building, competitiveness, team building, exercise and just plain fun. We really feel like he has learned skills and fundamentals of the game that will help him develop into a successful player. Most importantly, our son looked forward to his weekly practice because Coach Charles made it exciting, and really knew how to relate to the kids, getting them to develop their skills and learn to love the game. Thank you!!!”-San Francisco Parent

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