13th Annual West Coast ShowDown – 3rd/4th Grade (U10) 2027-2028

SCHEDULE: Download the Tourney Machine app or CLICK HERE

PLAYER WAIVER REGISTRATION: extended, but online registration will close 7/11 at midnight. 

The 13th Annual Boys West Coast Showdown has a new name & a new location! This year’s tournament will be held on the epic “Infinity Field” at the beautiful University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). This venue overlooks Monterey Bay and the Pacific Ocean and is THE most amazing place to run a tournament on the planet.



There are 3 different registration options for this tournament:

  1. TEAM REGISTRATION – Register your team(s) for Coaches/Team Contacts.
  • Use the REGISTER button on this page
  • Select your role as a STAFF MEMBER
  • Select Coach or Team Contact
  • Follow the prompts to create your Team/Team Name/Division etc
  • Pay $500 non-refundable deposit or pay in full
  • Accept waiver & complete Team Registration
  1. PLAYER REGISTRATION & WAIVER *Can only occur once Team is registered

ALL PLAYERS MUST REGISTER ONLINE/ACCEPT WAIVER CHECKBOX BY JULY 8. Any unwaivered players after this time will need parent/guardian on site to complete a paper waiver before their first game & pay $10 late charge.

 Option 1: VIA WEBSITE

    • Use the REGISTER button on this page
    • Select your role as MY PLAYER (Choose your Child’s Name or Add a Player if not listed), select your Child & register
    • Select Team Player
    • Select your Team Name from the drop-down menu
    • Follow prompts to complete player information
    • Check the box at the end to accept conditions of PLAYER WAIVER
    • Complete process – you will receive an email confirmation once registered/waivered


Please ask your Team’s registered Coach/Team Contact to:

    • Log into their account & use the ‘INVITE PLAYER’ function on their account dashboard
    • Scroll down to ‘My Staff Assignments’. Click here for example.
    • Click the Invite Player function & they can enter you & your team mate’s email addresses
    • You will then be able to receive the registration link via email & follow the process of online registration
    • The waiver is a checkbox at the end of online registration
    • Complete process – you will receive an email confirmation once registered/waivered
  1. FREE AGENTSDon’t have a team and still want to play? Some teams have players that are injured or can no longer attend so need more players at the last minute. We assign Free Agents by the Thursday before the tournament for any teams in need. You can register as a FREE AGENT by clicking here!


REGISTRATION BALANCE DEADLINE – DUE MAY 24 – All registered teams must be paid in FULL (Full payment is due at time of registration for teams who register AFTER this date)

CREDITS/REFUNDS REQUEST DEADLINE – MAY 24 – none will be issued after this date for ANY reason.  ** Credit/Refund requests for teams before this date will be subject to $500 non-refundable deposit




Season from 1-Sep-18 thru 31-Aug-19 Age Group NCJLA Bracket Grade Affiliation Grad Year (GY) Bracket Grad Year
Birthdate from 1-Sep-11 thru 31-Aug-12 U7 U8 1st GY29+ 2030
Birthdate from 1-Sep-10 thru 31-Aug-11 U8 U8 2nd GY29+ 2029
Birthdate from 1-Sep-09 thru 31-Aug-10 U9 U10 3rd GY27+ 2028
Birthdate from 1-Sep-08 thru 31-Aug-09 U10 U10 4th GY27+ 2027
Birthdate from 1-Sep-07 thru 31-Aug-08 U11 U12 5th GY25+ 2026
Birthdate from 1-Sep-06 thru 31-Aug-07 U12 U12 6th GY25+ 2025
Birthdate from 1-Sep-05 thru 31-Aug-06 U13 U14 7th GY23+ 2024
Birthdate from 1-Sep-04 thru 31-Aug-05 U14 U14 8th GY23+ 2023
Birthdate from 1-Sep-03 thru 31-Aug-04 U15 JV 9th GY21+ 2022
Birthdate from 1-Sep-02 thru 31-Aug-03 U16 JV 10th GY21+ 2021
Birthdate from 1-Sep-01 thru 31-Aug-02 U17 JV/Var 11th GY19+ 2020
Birthdate from 1-Sep-00 thru 31-Aug-01 U18 Var 12th GY19+ 2019
Birthdate from 1-Sep-99 thru 31-Aug-00 U19 Var 12th/PG GY19+ 2019
  • Grade Eligibility– is determined by the player’s grade of the current (2018/2019) school year. All West allows GRADE to be the final determination – for example, if you are in 5th Grade and do not qualify for the U12 age division per NCJLA/US Lacrosse regulations (due to birthdate cut offs) you can still play the U12 division.  This rule is applicable in all divisions
  • Players are permitted to play UP one age division. Players are NOT permitted to play down an age division for any reason
  • 2018 High School graduates are eligible to play in the HS Open or HS Elite divisions. Players who have played in college during the 2018 season are ineligible
  • ** Violating eligibility rules is subject to disciplinary action. See rules for details


  • Silver  3rd-4th (2027-2028): Teams consisting of intermediate players
  • Gold  3rd-4th (2027-2028): Teams consisting of advanced players
  • *We will offer Gold & Silver brackets within Junior age divisions provided we field enough teams in those divisions


  • All teams will have 5 scheduled games spread over the weekend
  • Certified athletic training staff on site for all games
  • There are NO refunds or credits for this program including injury/illness after the Team Registration deadline & no Individual Player refund/credits due to Team registration
  • Please review our FAQ page for additional information & policies


Players who are interested in participating in the tournament who are not affiliated with any registered team can register as a FREE AGENT.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Once registered, you will be placed on a waitlist to join a team needing extra players.

Free Agents not placed on a team will be reimbursed their fee. Please refer to the FAQ page for Credit/Refund policy.



If you are a coach or team contact & would like to reserve some rooms for your families, room blocks have been arranged for this event so please CLICK HERE.

You may also reach out directly to our coordinator for this event – Rachel @ rachelw@travelingteams.com .


University of California, Santa Cruz, High St, Santa Cruz CA
University of California, Santa Cruz, High St, Santa Cruz CA


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