RAE Foundation

RAE_FINALWe cannot tell you how excited we are about The RAE Foundation!  Its purpose is to:

  • Fund need-based individual scholarships to lacrosse programs (not exclusively All West)
  • Provide grant funding to lacrosse organizations in need to fund, for example, equipment, team level scholarships to team programs, etc.


Individuals who would like to apply for financial assistance to a lacrosse program should complete an Individual Financial Aid Application.  All instructions are included as part of the application. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION


Organizations which would like to request a grant to fund, for example, the purchase of equipment  or participation of a group of players in a tournament should complete a Grant Request Application.  All instructions are included as part of the application. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION


Since 2004, All West has worked to build the sport of lacrosse in Northern California. Every year, we are approached by hundreds of families about the availability of scholarships to our programs. In addition, organizations such as Lacrosse4LIFE, the NCJLA, the Norcal Chapter of US Lacrosse, local schools, and lacrosse clubs have regularly requested our support of their activities. Each year, we have responded to as many scholarship requests as possible, but we are limited in the number we can provide due to the associated costs.

We, like you, want to grow the sport of lacrosse and are disappointed to turn away eager players due to lack of available funds for financial aid.  Ultimately, the lack of financial aid to cover direct costs incurred for each participant in a program limits the growth of lacrosse. We have been trying for several years to find a better vehicle than presently exists to deal with need-based requests of all kinds. Having found none, we concluded that we needed to start our own 501 (c)(3).


The RAE Foundation provides the opportunity for anyone to be able to play lacrosse, regardless of financial situation. Please consider making a donation to our effort to grow the game in NorCal. To contribute, please email charlie@ogelsbygroup.com