Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does my child need to be of a certain playing level to participate?

  • Our programs online show the level of skill necessary to attend. While most programs are open to all experience levels, some are only open to intermediate and advanced players. Please be sure your child is of the appropriate ability before registering them into an AWL program.
    • Beginner – player has never played a full Spring lacrosse season on a team
    • Intermediate – player has 1 to 3 years of lacrosse play on a Spring team
    • Advanced – player has 4 or more years of lacrosse play on a Spring team.  This is a player who plays throughout the year.

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 2. What are the cut-offs for US Lacrosse ages?

Season from 1-Sep-17 thru 31-Aug-18 Age Group NCJLA Bracket Grade Affiliation Grad Year (GY) Bracket Grad Year
Birthdate from 1-Sep-10 thru 31-Aug-11 U7 U8 1st GY28+ 2029
Birthdate from 1-Sep-09 thru 31-Aug-10 U8 U8 2nd GY28+ 2028
Birthdate from 1-Sep-08 thru 31-Aug-09 U9 U10 3rd GY26+ 2027
Birthdate from 1-Sep-07 thru 31-Aug-08 U10 U10 4th GY26+ 2026
Birthdate from 1-Sep-06 thru 31-Aug-07 U11 U12 5th GY24+ 2025
Birthdate from 1-Sep-05 thru 31-Aug-06 U12 U12 6th GY24+ 2024
Birthdate from 1-Sep-04 thru 31-Aug-05 U13 U14 7th GY22+ 2023
Birthdate from 1-Sep-03 thru 31-Aug-04 U14 U14 8th GY22+ 2022
Birthdate from 1-Sep-02 thru 31-Aug-03 U15 JV 9th GY20+ 2021
Birthdate from 1-Sep-01 thru 31-Aug-02 U16 JV 10th GY20+ 2020
Birthdate from 1-Sep-00 thru 31-Aug-01 U17 JV/Var 11th GY18+ 2019
Birthdate from 1-Sep-99 thru 31-Aug-00 U18 Var 12th GY18+ 2018
Birthdate from 1-Sep-98 thru 31-Aug-99 U19 Var 12th/PG GY18+ 2018

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 3. What are the All West Lacrosse Tournament ages?

  • U8 (or 1st & 2nd Grade)
  • U10 (or 3rd & 4th Grade)
  • U12 (or 5th & 6th Grade)
  • U14 (or 7th & 8th Grade)
  • U16 (or 9th & 10th Grade)
  • U18 (or 11th & 12th Grade)
  • For example: If you are in 5th Grade and do not qualify for the U12 age division per NCJLA/US Lacrosse regulations (due to birthdate cut offs) you can still play the U12 division.  This rule is applicable in all divisions
  • Players are permitted to play up one age division. Players are NOT permitted to play down an age division for any reason
  • 2017 High School graduates are eligible to play in the U18 Division. Players who have played in college during the 2017 season are ineligible

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4. How do I register?

  • Online  – go to the Programs & “Find a Program” for a full list of offerings. You can filter by Gender or Season – then click the Location/Grade/Program link you want (in blue i.e. Mill Valley) and it will take you to the individual program page.
    • Scroll down & click the blue ‘Register Now’ button at the bottom or side of the screen (depending on your browser).
    • You’ll be taken to LeagueApps our third party registration and credit card processing service for easy, fast, and safe online registration and payment.
    • If you are a new user, you’ll need to create your own personal account, but it’s easy – just fill out the fields & you’re set!
  • Once you are successfully registered, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.  Remember to check the Program and FAQs page for details on what to bring/weather policies /credit/refund policies etc.
  • A reminder email will go out 1-2 days before the program starts
  • If you are having trouble registering online, please contact or call 1.800.980.WEST

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5. How do I pay?

  • By credit card when you register online or through PayPal
  • A portion of the program’s fee will be considered a Non-Refundable Deposit. This amount varies by program and can be found under the ‘Program  Details’ section of individual Program pages
  • Processing fees are non-refundable
  • Payment by credit card is required for all phone-in registrations
  • Payment by check must be accompanied by a completed Registration Form (see Question 1 under ‘What to Bring’ section below) and be mailed at least 10 days prior to the start date of any program.
  • All checks should be made payable to “All West Lacrosse” and mailed to All West Lacrosse at PO Box 5094, Novato, CA 94948
  • Checks cannot be accepted at Summer Camps

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6. What is a ‘Drop In’?

  • ‘Drop In’ means you are attending a single session or attending on a sporadic basis during Spring/Fall/Winter sessions. If you know you can’t make all the dates in a program, then ‘dropping in’ might be the best fit for you
  • Drop in fees are indicated under the ‘Program Details’ section on individual Program pages
  • You cannot pay or register online for a drop in yourself. To pre-arrange a drop-in, please contact
  • If you plan to drop in and do not pre-arrange it, please ensure you fill out and bring the downloadable forms available under Question 1 in the “What to Bring” section below. You will need to contact the admin at 1.800.980.9378 to make payment arrangements before you go to your Drop In session.

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7. What is a ‘Walk Up’?

  • ‘Walk up’ means you have not registered prior to the start of the program and you are ‘walking up’ the first day of a program
  • This means you’ll need to fill out the downloadable forms (see Question 1 in ‘What to Bring’ section below) and bring payment by cash/check*/credit card to the event or contact the admin at 1.800.980.9378 to make payment arrangements. *Checks are not accepted at summer camp.
  • Walk up registrations incur an additional $25 administrative fee

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Drop Off / Pick Up

1. When should I drop off/pick up my kid(s)?

  • During Spring/Winter/Fall sessions, check in will begin approximately 10 minutes before the start of the program.
  • On the first day of a Summer Training Camp program, check-in will begin 30 minutes before the start of the program. Each day thereafter, players should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of the program and be picked up promptly at the conclusion of the program
  • For Overnight Camp programs, check-in will commence at 12.00 noon and will run until approximately 1:00 PM. Pick-up will occur at 12:00 NOON on the last day of camp, following the closing speeches and coaches’ awards

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2. What if I’m late?

  •  Late Pickup Policy A $1 per minute fee will be charged if you pick up your child more than 15 minutes after program finishing times. This fee will be expected to be paid in cash immediately upon picking up your child. Please do not be late!

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4. If my child drives himself to camp, will he be allowed to leave?

  • Resident campers who drive to an Overnight camp are NOT permitted to use their cars while camp is in session.
  • Extended Day Campers who are commuting each day may drive to and from camp, but once arrived at camp, may not otherwise drive until that days’ sessions have ended.  Furthermore, commuting campers may only drive or leave with those who arrived at camp with them.

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What to Bring

1. Do we need to bring any forms?

  • If you registered online, NO forms are necessary.
  • If you are planning to register as a Walk Up or Drop In and you have played with All West before, then you will need to download and fill out the “Health Information, Consent, and Release Form.”
  • If you are NEW and have never participated in an All West event before then you’ll need to bring both forms – the Health Form & the “Registration Form”.
  • We recommend you print them out beforehand, because we will have a limited number available on-site. Click on the downloadable forms below:
  • Health Information, Consent, and Release Form
  • Registration Form

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2. What equipment should my child bring with them to a program?

  • Boys & Girls Pre K: A lacrosse stick (No additional equipment or gear required)
  • Boys K – 12th Grade: Helmet, lacrosse stick(s), mouth guard, gloves, shoulder and arm pads
  • Girls K- 12th Grade: Certified eye protection, mouth guard, and lacrosse stick(s)
  • Click here to see equipment examples for boys & girls
  • Please make sure to bring the proper equipment, as All West is unable to provide equipment

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3. Where do I buy lacrosse equipment? There are many different dedicated Lacrosse stores you can visit for your equipment needs. Here is a list of some great Lacrosse stores that are around the Bay Area.

Sling It! Lacrosse is a lacrosse specialty store, they have everything you need!

  • Danville – 925-820-5800
  • San Rafael – 415-485-1605
  • Belmont – 650-595-1538
  • San Jose – 408-423-9937

You can also try Sports Basement or Dick’s Sporting Goods – be sure to call ahead & check as sometimes stock can be limited.

Online resources:,,,

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4. What should a player bring for a Training Camp?

  • Full Gear/Equipment & lacrosse stick, snacks, packed lunch, water bottle/water, sunscreen. If the facility has a pool then bring board shorts/swimsuits & towel

5. For Training camps, does All West provide lunch?

  • No, athletes should bring their lunch each day. No food or drinks will be served. We typically break for lunch at 12:00 NOON each day in as shaded an area as is available

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Weather Cancellations

1. Is there still a session if there is bad weather?

  • All West would play rain or shine – however the decision is made by our local Parks & Recs. If they choose to close a field then no matter how light or heavy we think the rain is, we’ll be forced to cancel the class. Parks & Recs normally post cancellation messages on their websites by 2pm
  • If there is a ‘Rain Date’ given then an extra session will be held on that ‘Rain Day’ to make up for any cancelled sessions due to rain/storms. (The rain date is usually scheduled the week after the program is due to end)
  • If no rain dates are provided, there will be no make-up sessions. No credits or refunds are given due to inclement weather

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2. How do I know if a session is cancelled due to bad weather/field closure?

  • This website!- For your convenience, we have a page just for weather cancellations. The page is updated once information becomes available, just click on the ‘Programs’ Tab, then ‘Weather Update’
  • E-mail – We will notify participants via a mass e-mail. Keep in mind, Parks & Recs may not make a field closure decision until 1 hour before class is due to commence so AWL’s 800 # should be tried in all instances when in doubt. The e-mail addresses used will be those provided to us by participants during registration.
  • Via 800 Number Message – If you missed the email or can’t check online you can always learn of a cancellation by calling our 800 telephone number: 800-980-WEST (9378).

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3. What if the class is cancelled and then the sun comes out?

  • Once a cancellation decision has been made and communicated as above, the cancellation will stay in effect even if the weather gets better. It would be too confusing to cancel and then resume at short notice.

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Credits / Refunds / Discounts

1. What is your Credit and Refund Policy?

  • Credits: If AWL receives your Credit Request form at least seven (7) days prior to the start of the program, a credit with AWL will be issued minus administrative fees. Within 7 days of the start of the program, a credit will be issued for the amount paid less the Non-Refundable Deposit.  All credits are non-transferable (outside of a family) & cannot be applied to an existing/paid registration. No credits will be issued after the program start date. Please click the hyperlink at Question 2 and fill out our online form if you would like to request a credit
  • Refunds: If AWL receives your Refund Request form up to seven (7) days prior to the start of any program, a refund, less the Non-Refundable Deposit, can be issued. No refunds are available thereafter except for cancellation in the case of verified hardship (as deemed appropriate in AWL’s sole judgment) or verified injury.  The maximum refund issued in such cases will be 50% of amounts paid and only if registrants or their families have made such occurrences known to AWL before the end of the program for which the registrant is registered. No refunds will be issued after the program start date. Please click the hyperlink at Question 2 and fill out our online form if you would like to request a refund
  • All credit/refund decisions are final after processing
  • Leagues: There will be NO refunds or credits for ANY reason following registration
  • Travel Team Programs: No credit/refunds except for injury/long-term illness – 25% non-refundable deposit withheld for credit/refund requests
  • Tournaments: (1) Team Paid (Coach/Team Contacts) – please refer to Important Dates on Tournament webpage for Non-refundable deposit amount & deadlines (2) Free Agents (individuals) Please refer to general Credit/Refund policy above.

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2. What if my child can’t attend the program we registered for and I need to apply for a credit or refund?

  • Please re-read our Credit & Refund Policy above on Question 1
  • All credit/refund requests must be made by filling out the online form below. Requests CANNOT be accepted in person or by email or phone under ANY circumstances
  • Please fill out our ‘Credit/Refund Request’ form as soon as possible. To request a refund or credit, CLICK HERE
  • Our Finance Department will review your application for a refund or credit and respond within 14 business days

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3. How do your discounts work?

  • Early Bird Special: During the Spring, Fall & Winter & for our Tournaments, we offer an Early Bird Special to reward families for signing up sooner than later. Early Bird catches the worm so get in quick!
  • Goalie Discount: Goalies are offered a special price for some programs, but they MUST play Goalie for the entire program duration. Please email for details on the code – when you register online you will enter this code on the cart page when you check out. *This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts and cannot be applied retroactively.
  • Goalie Discount (Summer): Goalies are offered the special price of $100 OFF for Summer Training/Overnight Camps*, but they MUST play Goalie for the entire camp duration. The discount will be automatically applied at check out when you register as a Goalie. *This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts and cannot be applied retroactively.

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4.  Do you pro-rate your sessions?

  • No, unfortunately we are unable to pro-rate our programs. Think of it like this… when you sign up for a program it’s like buying a package of yoga sessions at the gym – you might buy a special 8 pack of yoga sessions to use within the month. You may only attend 6 sessions out the 8, which is up to you, but that doesn’t mean you can buy a 6-pack right? Same deal with All West. If you know you can’t attend all of the sessions, then consider being a ‘Drop In’ to the program instead. (See individual program pages for Drop In fees). Due to the schedule and 4 day format of summer camps there are no drop ins/pro-rations.

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Overnight Camps

1. What should my child pack?

  • All lacrosse gear/equipment – Please make sure to write your name on all your gear!
  • Sleeping bag or your own twin-bed linens and a pillow (Bedding linens will NOT be provided)
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Required medications
  • Sufficient changes of underclothes
  • Casual wear for off the field
  • PJs
  • A water bottle- it’ll get hot!!!!
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • Pocket money for camp stores (optional)
  • Additional snacks (optional)

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2. Can we request a Roommate?

Yes, please see below for procedure:

  • Requests should be made at the time of registration – there is a field to fill in names
  • If you didn’t name your friend when you registered, you will need to re-access your registration & update it at least 14 business days before camp starts
  • BOTH you and your roommate must request EACH OTHER. If only one of you makes the request, we will be unable to honor your request
  • Otherwise, All West assigns roommates first on the basis of age and then a combination of school, league, position, and other relevant criteria
  • Once assignments have been made, they are set – no changes!
  • We’re sorry but ‘Walk up’ or roommate requests made at check in on the first day of camp cannot be accommodated

3. Where should campers park if they drive to an UCSC overnight camp?

  • On-campus parking is allowable by permit ONLY for Resident campers who drive to camp
  • Inquire at check-in about obtaining a permit
  • Be sure to only park in spots that your permit allows!
  • All West will not be responsible for parking tickets issued to cars parked in incorrect lots

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For Parents

1. What if I need/want to call my son or daughter while at camp?

  • Cell phones are permitted. Kids can bring their own phones if parents need to check in. However, kids are NOT to have their cell phones at the field unless there are extenuating circumstances that have been discussed with the coaches prior to camp

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2. Who do I contact in case of emergency while my kid is at camp?

  • During business hours, please contact or 800-980-9378
  • Outside of business hours at an overnight camp, you will be sent an email reminder with info a few days before the start of camp which will include the email & phone number of our on-site admin in case of emergency
  • If anything comes up that you need to be aware of, we have your contact details from your registration form

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3. What if an injury happens at camp?

  • We have Athletic Trainers on site at most Summer Training camps & all Overnight camps to ensure the safety of your child
  • We have your emergency contact details on file & child’s health information so will contact you and call 911 if necessary

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4. Do you have Lost & Found?

  • Yes. If you lose an item DURING camp, please check in with the camp administrator the next day. If you lose an item AFTER camp, all items are taken to our warehouse for storage so you will need to contact for collection. Items are disposed of after 2 weeks.

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5. Where should parents park if we want to watch our kids play at an UCSC Overnight Camp?

  • WARNING: Parking tickets are issued from the Municipal Parking Authority, and if issued, we have been advised you WILL BE obliged to pay
  • Parking on campus is strictly enforced by UCSC
  • Under no circumstances will AWL assume responsibility or liability for parking tickets
  • If you plan on staying to watch a game (more than dropping kids off) – you will need a parking pass
  • Day passes are approximately $5 per car
  • Passes can be purchased at the kiosk when you pull up to campus (At the main entrance – ask security)

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7. What can I do to make sure my child has the best experience possible with All West?

  • Please remind your children before and during our programs that they are coming to play lacrosse and have a good time, and that we are all guests of the community and the facility provider so must act accordingly
  • Property damage, stealing, use or possession of illegal substances, use of profane language, bullying, and/or abusive behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!
  • Should any of these incidents occur, it will be the responsibility of the player’s parent(s) or guardian(s) to bear the cost of any damages or loss of property to, or any extra charges by, the facility owner, or any other party, caused by a program participant
  • In addition, behavior deemed inappropriate (at the sole  discretion of AWL staff) will result in immediate dismissal from the program with no return of program fee

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8. Does All West offer Private or Group Lessons? 

  • Yes. We have expert coaches in the Bay Area available to work one-on-one with your child
  • Please contact for more information on private and group training requests CLICK HERE

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